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A Coffee Connector


The Founder of LoveBug woke up one day with an extra hot vision. He wanted to be the hip alternative in coffee distribution. While a well-known international wholesaler was cornering the market, the experience they were offering their customers was "functional" at best.

LoveBug - Target Persona

Meet Josh


Josh owns a great coffeehouse in an up-and-coming city. As a small business owner who wears many hats, he values both form and function. When he's ready to replenish his coffee bean inventory, the process needs to be simple and straightforward. Plus, it won't hurt if the experience is actually enjoyable and visually appealing.

LoveBug - Target Persona

An Iconic Brand


LoveBug's system was curated to involve both care and connection, so our brand design reflects these values. Our aim is to highlight the local, personal experience with the brand—a hug, not a handshake. We do this through the use of hand-lettering and two coffee beans incorporated into the shape of a heart. We add a bit of whimsy with a nod to the winged-shape of a bug, as well. This visual acts as a platform for LoveBug's endgame: getting great coffee beans in the hands of shop owners, just like Josh.

LoveBug - An Iconic Brand
Lovebug - Brand Colors

The App


The on-boarding process is just as important as retention. In fact, the way LoveBug's customers access and purchase coffee beans can dramatically effect their bottomline—up to a 300% increase in pre-ordering potential when we employ an active cart. We created a customized portal taking note of the way their ideal customer buys inventory. Then we tested app functionality to ensure a great ordering experience.

LoveBug - The App
LoveBug - The App

Web Property


What good is a marketing strategy without a landing page and a clear way to monitor traffic? We fully optimized LoveBug's site on mobile and desktop to engage customers like Josh using key-word-rich content. On the backend, we use professional grade analytic software to ensure our content is working over time to achieve customer conversions, connecting local shops to LoveBug.

LoveBug - Web Property

Print Advertising


There are many strategies to grow your brand. Our collaboration with LoveBug resulted in the creation of ads for mailers and well-positioned industry digests to further their reach by literally getting their message into the hands of customers like Josh. Don't worry, everything was formatted for use on social media platforms - we do love a well-rounded strategy, after all.

LoveBug - Print Advertising
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