Fleet Pilot

Customer acquisition through dynamic engagement…

An Elite Insurance Co.

Fleet Pilot is unique in its kind. They are insurance providers who offer complimentary fleet tracking to their clients, a service that can cost a pretty penny when paid for independently. Their acquisition strategy was simple, to mitigate risk mile by mile.


Meet Anika.


Anika is the most honest entrepreneur you’ll find. She values efficiency backed by integrity more than her bottom line. When she ships off 300 pallets of her custom linens she wants to not only make sure it gets there on time but on budget. She is 28 and loves to fly a desk.

Simple & Telling Iconography:

Crafting the Brand

When creating a brand, it’s imperative that you understand the story it conveys and to whom it’s told. We were given three non-negotiables. It had to be strong, trusted and modern. We started with the mark, and worked our way back to everything it touches.


Experience The Value

We took a hands on approach to prove product value. Adding dials with automated calculation was exactly what was needed.

You can experience it below:



The evolution of product portrayal…


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