Black Smith Brew Works

We design for those memorable experiences…

A Fine Coffee Co.

Black Smith Brew Works are coffee crafters who pride themselves in their un-wavered method of roasting signature and memorable cold brews. Our task was clear. We created a sophisticated understanding of what they do and offer. Simple icons, typography and foiling did the trick I’d say.


Meet Hudson.


Hudson prefers his coffee the same way he likes his beer. Cold, bold and smooth every time. He’s 34 years old and runs a brokerage. He hates being late because time is money and money is precious. So, he takes his coffee to-go. He prefers simplicity in design, taste and portions. No bull.


Black Smith Brew Works: The Original

The Original

Dear to the heart of the maker was this originally crafted pitch black cold brew. Rich on every note yet subtle and complex. This bottle was destined to display simplicity and profound grace.


Black Smith Brew Works: Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

While appealing to the masses, this label was carefully crafted. The relationship between honey and cream, between water and coffee. They intersect in a beautiful way when bottled together.

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