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High Roads of Honesty

I often find myself wondering how dishonest businesses ever succeed. I look at household brands who’ve compromised quality for a marginal increase of pennies on the dollar. How did they get there? How did they find that back road that took them the way of greed and deception?


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The Typefaces of BC

After several hours of experimenting and researching options in loading fonts, I review some of the things I learned and the setup we’re running to get our fonts to load quickly and reliably.


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Trends & The Power of Identity

Many business owners still live by the classic “Red & Yellow” bright and bold, catch your eye or we’ve lost you strategy when it comes to advertising. They conduct their business as if in this formulaic universe where you must treat potential customers as if they’re pets who only know one or two basic commands. […]


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Why Is Your Brand So Important?

Imagine you’ve just met a new acquaintance. Why do you care if they get a good first impression of you? Some might say it’s because you never know what this person could end up meaning to you in the future. Most of us though, simply want everyone to like us. Whatever your reasons, every one […]


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Freelancer or Agency? Who to Hire and Why

More often than not our clients are faced with this question: Do I play the lotto with an individual freelancer or sell my soul to an agency? Take a deep breath, because I am about to make this decision much easier and a whole lot less daunting. Here are four advantages of hiring an agency: Price: […]


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4 Ways to Improve Your Design Skills

Within the design team at Blossom Creative, we strive to improve our skills to stay relevant and give more value to our clients. Here are four ways to improve your skills. 1. Read Make time to be an independent learner through reading topics outside of the design field such as a good sci-fi novel or […]


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The Code of BC

If you’re enjoying our new website, in this article I’ll walk you through the development, and highlight some of the challenges and decisions we made. Also, for you web developers, we’ve got some info on the awesome plugins, services, and scripts we’re using. Take a gander!


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Ice Cold Lemonade: The BC Story

We exist because there are still so many solutions to be pioneered. We exist because your story should have a happy ending, and your voice should be heard. We exist to create human experiences that radically change the way society looks at design and technology. It all started back in the fall of 2009. I […]

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