"We're doing what we love,
with companies we love."

It all started back in the fall of 2009.

I had been traveling the world for a few years hosting humanitarian efforts with a large non-profit and here I was, harvesting corn with mountain villagers in the Tibetan region of China. I was breathing in the cool air of the vast Himalayan mountain range and wondering how on earth I got there in the first place. I was experiencing something profound, something graceful. I was experiencing life as it were and quite frankly, should be.

Simple, right and full of wonder…

It was then that I decided to write home. I wanted to somehow share my experiences with the people that I care about. It started off very basic; text and pictures. As the letters started to get more and more routine, I began exploring the relationship between my content and its environment. Why would I depend on a basic text font like “Times New Roman” to convey my exciting and terrifying journey through the Swiss Alps? How could a simple photograph even attempt to capture my intense exhaustion while hosting pop-up clinics for Haitian tent cities after the earthquake?

My love for design was birthed from an overwhelming desire to share my experiences and why they matter. I wanted to communicate my goals for the future to people I knew would give a damn. And, isn’t that what every company/organization leader wants? To share their experiences, their beliefs about why they matter and their vision for how they could impact the world they live in?

We share the same purpose, and that is the foundation for any great partnership.

Fast forward to October of 2015. After moving to Orlando, Florida to go to college for design and working as a creative lead with several companies, I received a job offer from one of the most prominent creative agencies in the country. I left my stable job to embark on this exciting new journey with this wild bunch of highly creative and driven people. I was honored to be counted as one of them and walked with a tremendous amount of thankfulness to have the opportunity. On the 30th day of my tenure, the VP sat me down and without many words, he let me go. As it turned out, I wasn’t what they were looking for in a “future” senior creative. I left quietly, and took the stairs. Fifty flights of shame. I hopped on the train with my sunglasses on and my bottom lip quivering trying my best to hold back the tears. I felt like I got punched in the gut. I needed air. As my stop was approaching, I stood up and began walking towards the doors when suddenly a burst of determination erupted within me. I knew I had to do something. I knew this couldn’t define me and what I’m capable of accomplishing.

It was time to make lemonade from lemons.

I was thrown into full-time freelance work whether I was ready or not. I reached out to all of my channels, friends, former clients and partners. I was determined to find work. Surprisingly, within a week I tripled my income and had more clients than I knew what to do with. Every hour of my 60/hr week was accounted for. After a few months on the grind, I found myself turning down more clients than I was taking because I was at capacity. It was then that I decided to start Blossom Creative. I knew these people needed a solution and a trustworthy partner to give it to them. I felt like Ron Burgundy when he shouted “ASSEMBLE!” because that’s basically how it happened. One social media post and I had a full team of eager professionals bursting with talent and drive. I knew something amazing was forming!

We are working with some amazing companies and going about our days doing what we love. We are experiencing the challenge of technology’s ever-present learning curve, and celebrating victory when another ecstatic client’s name goes down in our books.

Cheers to moving forward and turning everyday risks into everyday rewards.


We gathered some of the best freelancers Orlando has to offer...

Brent Blossom


I love people and the noble things that sum up their endeavors. For that reason, I select self-starters to invest creative capital in. When I’m not doing that, my time is spent making new things, seeing new things and believing new things. I love my craft and the humans I share them with.

Jessica Bott


Communication and connection are key components in my day-to-day. Employing my background in design thinking, copywriting, strategic planning and project management enables me to wear many hats and work in a variety of capacities with our team and our clients. To me, this is life-giving. And now for more coffee…

Peter Roquemore


I love ideation. Taking an idea and making it real is what I’m most passionate about. As a designer, its important that I create solutions that promote genuine connection through available technology. Solving problems through user interface design is merely how I can help people accomplish their goals on a daily basis.

Caleb Stauffer


Always striving to perfectly develop the design that clients fall in love with, many times I’m working at 4:00am, in the quiet of the night. Building a site that works great for your customers and easy for you to manage is an ongoing battle that has to result in victory… oh sweet victory.

Joel Watkins


As a freelance designer and animator, I aim for excellence in all things I do. I bring that to design and problem solving everyday and fight for the best solution. The why is just as important as the how.

Arturo Liranzo


I’m a musician turned designer from the lovely & hot Dominican Republic. When I’m designing, my goal is always the same: help them succeed. I believe design should be simplistic in function, sophisticated in form and push a purpose beyond profit. When I’m not designing, I’m making music. You can call me “Art” if you can’t roll your R.

Eric Bravender


I am a graphic designer turned animator. My affinity for film made the transition to motion inevitable. I am the embodiment of my creative because design is always on the brain. Motion graphics is where my heart is, it is my life-blood.

James Rayner


I focus on taking my audience on a cinematic journey through the use of music and emotion. I’m an International filmmaker based out of Orlando and Miami and I’m passionate about my role in this always evolving, creative industry.

We are always hunting for talent.


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