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Optimism – A Strategy For Profitability

You probably know the old expression: “When life gives you lemons…” It carries the sentiment that, no matter what our circumstances in this life, we have the opportunity to choose how we allow them to affect us. Either we can spend our days puckering at the sourness of our situation, or we can add a bit of sugar and water and decide to enjoy what unfolds. 

Just about every day, we can count on at least one thing falling through or, at the very least, not lining up perfectly. Each miss creates a tension where we must navigate the gap between our expectations and our real-world experiences. This gap also presents an opportunity for us to practice living from a position of optimism. 

We love this mindset because of the significant influence it has on our lives as we carry it out. Optimism, to us, is like a living, breathing organism. It brings life to a culture or community and helps to combat a fatalistic approach to our circumstances. As we choose to focus on what’s possible in the midst of our challenges, we gain perspective and even hope. I believe that business thrives when a team regularly chooses to see the good. And, there is good to be seen, trust us! 

About a month ago, a client called to tell me that they just hired on a couple full-time production designers to help with their day-to-day creative needs. This update meant that Blossom would have less incoming work from their company and I could sense the sadness in their tone as they broke the news. But as they did so, I was already rummaging through my mind working out the details for all of the services that we could offer to them—things their new designers wouldn’t be likely to undertake. Within the first two minutes of that call, I’d already crafted a new proposal strategy for them and felt excited about the opportunities ahead!

Living with a sense of optimism directly correlates to a positive bottomline here at Blossom. When a client presents a transition that can negatively effect us, we immediately look for the good in the situation. This “good” doesn’t always mean it has to be good for us, of course. Sometimes, it’s merely our chance to celebrate the new chapter in our client’s business and root them on, even if it means that they begin to march forward without us. 

Everything will turn out for good, if we allow it. We really believe this, which is why optimism is one of our core values. After all, when life gives you lemons…

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