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“I’ve got your back.” – Loyalty

It is common for partnerships and friendships to come and go. While people can come into our lives without much planning, before we know it we integrate into new routines relationally and in work flow with them. All the while, we adjust to the newness of the relationship, navigate through hardships and enjoy the good.

When an expected or necessary ending arrives, we experience loss and will have to process through it. An unanticipated ending can leave us feeling disillusioned—perhaps a more difficult reality to move beyond. While changing seasons, in either case, are a part of our ongoing experience, there is so much to be gained from putting into practice this obscure concept we call loyalty.

To me, loyalty means that we make a decision to remain committed. No matter what life throws at us, we’ve said that we’re going to see this thing through. And, we do. 

One company I think of that had an amazing beginning is Apple. They’ve done incredible things over the years and I’ve learned a lot from them. Still, as I consider a commitment to loyalty, I can only imagine what Apple might have become had Steve Jobs demonstrated loyalty to his original team. What would Apple look like today if Steve Wasniak, the tech genius behind the whole thing, stuck around? 

The choice to see our relational commitments through adds a tremendous amount of value to any company or project for that matter. Here are some of the benefits of loyalty (carried out):


When people leave a company, consistency diminishes and timelines grow due to the natural learning curves associated with on-boarding someone new to a project. When people stay committed, we can be more fruitful day-to-day. And, this directly impacts our bottomline.  

Healthy Culture: 

Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you regularly experience being on “the chopping block” at work and you don’t know why. Team members are in competition and working against, not with one another. This toxic environment doesn’t inspire loyalty because honestly, who has the emotional fortitude to stay committed when you’re not sure if you’ll be there tomorrow? 

But loyalty, loyalty fuels camaraderie. When we know that each person on our team has our back, we create a healthy culture. There is staying power because grace and understanding exist in the company environment and we recognize that when changes are made, they’re made for the good of all.

Personal Growth:

We tend to attract others with similar strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not a loyal, “I’ve got your back,” kind of person, you can hardly expect this virtue to exist and grow in your relationships. Loyalty is one of the best exercises of maturity. Sometimes it means delayed gratification. Other times the exercise of loyalty might mean that there’s no gratification at all, ever. Nevertheless, when we choose into this virtue, we build a unique character-driven infrastructure that only benefits us down the road. When we grow personally, we can grow together. When we grow together, we all win in the end!

If you haven’t guessed by now, loyalty is a virtue that we cherish, celebrate and choose to live out at Blossom. Ever-maturing in our decision to see our commitments to one another and our clients through, we continue to stay the course. 

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