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Optimism – A Strategy For Profitability

You probably know the old expression: “When life gives you lemons…” It carries the sentiment that, no matter what our circumstances in this life, we have the opportunity to choose how we allow them to affect us. Either we can spend our days puckering at the sourness of our situation, or we can add a […]


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“I’ve got your back.” – Loyalty

It is common for partnerships and friendships to come and go. While people can come into our lives without much planning, before we know it we integrate into new routines relationally and in work flow with them. All the while, we adjust to the newness of the relationship, navigate through hardships and enjoy the good. […]


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Who Really Cares?

Those of us who invest deeply into our products and services can feel at a loss sometimes when the people we’re trying to reach don’t seem to care like we do. I mean, doesn’t every person on the planet wake up in the morning thinking about face cream [aka insert your product or service here], […]


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Onward and Upward

I think it’s safe to say that 2016 was a difficult year for most of us. It seems we’ve been running after hope but the track has often felt like a gnarly mud pit. With every messy step forward, we feared losing our shoes or getting stuck in a place we didn’t want to stay. […]

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