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Unearthing Our Why – The Value of Stepping Back

What would you say if someone asked you why your company exists? I imagine that you, like me, might give them your 10-second elevator pitch. But, what if they probed further seeking to genuinely understand why, at the core, you do what you do? While most of us probably go years without ever really being asked this question, the reality is that we are asked this question every single day by countless onlookers. 

Consider for a minute what your team posts on social media, the headlines and calls to action on your website, quips made on t-shirts you have created, and really, campaigns of any kind that you’ve invested in. Each of these platforms tell a narrative about why you’re here. But, is your communication generating revenue? By the same token, are you staying true to who you are while expanding the influence of your brand? 

When I first started Blossom Creative, I was certain my message was clear simply because I typed it, produced it, sold it. It made sense to me and we were taking on new clients, so everything seemed to be working. But, when I brought in an actual strategic branding consultant to audit my company and web/social presence, she helped me unearth a very different impression of the company’s “Why.” 

My business launched from a foundation of natural virtues that set us apart from freelancers and other agencies. Our experience in the industry, coupled with a desire to create with excellence, has enabled us to employ our eye for design aesthetic to produce great work. Our commitment to treating others with respect and patience has resulted in cultivating relationally healthy client relationships. And, we love the grind — we get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

But can a business thrive on these things alone? Can we survive without a North Star; a compass? The answer is a big, fat, ugly no. We can’t. At least not long term.

We have realized we need to start from the beginning by rediscovering what makes us, us.

Recently, we embarked on the beginning of a journey to “find ourselves” and ended up sitting in powerful moments of clarity. We found ourselves lost and confused at times because we were certain of things that just weren’t true about us. We’ve had moments where we felt glad and overwhelmingly excited because we rediscovered the intrinsic value of who we are as a company. We’ve also felt extremely inspired as we considered how our clients might experience us in the time to come — we’re so excited to share the fruit of our discoveries through the work we do for them. We asked the tough questions and answered them with brutal honesty. We knew this was just the beginning of true value discovery.

This process also got me thinking of the parallels between my personal life and my business life: If I don’t know my purpose and if I’m not living it out, am I really living at all? I’m still ruminating on this one, actually…

Bottomline? Blossom Creative is learning and growing as we approach the end of 2016, that is for certain. We have more ground to cover in the weeks ahead, but I have fresh vision for where we’re going again. Sometimes, taking a step backward is actually a step forward. And, I look forward to sharing more of our learnings with you soon… After all, we thrive when you thrive. 

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