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Relatability & The Power of Belonging

As human beings we have an inherent attraction to certainty and belonging. We spend so much of our energy working to clearly define who we are and where we fit. That’s probably most obvious in our teenage years, but even as adults we look for things to identify with. As business owners it’s our job to create products and services that our customers can relate to, and we use our branding and advertising to show them why we belong together.

Here are a few simple ways you can make sure that you’re presenting your brand in a way that potential customers can relate to:


One of the most compelling types of images we can use is of human experience. Nothing is more relatable than that. If you have a desired end result for someone that uses your product or service then show someone experiencing that result. Show them the “This could be you!” image.

If we are selling Lasik procedures, showing a clear view of the beautiful Grand Canyon is a step in the right direction, but what if we show someone experiencing a clear view of the beautiful Grand Canyon? Customers can now put themselves in that person’s shoes. They can now relate with the promise that we are selling. We’re not advertising that the Grand Canyon is beautiful; we’re advertising that they can see that beauty for themselves.


It’s one thing to imply how our product relates to our customer, and what problem it solves for them, but it’s another to simply tell them. As we mentioned in our last post, people are busy and they are not going to spend much time translating our marketing.

Here is an important truth:

People are much more concerned with what your brand says about them, then what it says about you.

Don’t beat around bush. Tell your potential customer what your brand means to them. All of the best brands understand this. Apple, for example, doesn’t sell you on specs and statistics alone; they sell you on identity and experience. They know that it’s far better to tell you who you are and where you fit and offer their product as the missing piece, than it is to tell you why they’re awesome and why their product is the best.


We’ve worked hard to ensure that our content is relatable and speaks to our target customer, now we need to make sure that they experience it when they are most likely to engage with it. I could put a flyer for a pest control service in a laundry mat where people are running an errand completely unrelated to my service, or I could put it up at a Home Depot where people are already going to improve their homes. It’s not enough to simply get our advertising collateral in front of people, we need to think about the best time and place for them to find us. Think about your customer and ask yourself “when and where is my messaging the most attractive?”

Don’t focus on simply telling your customer why you’re better than the other guys, show them why they care and what it means for them.


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